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Tips For Hiring A Moving Company

When you have plans of transferring to a new place or neighborhood, having the help of professional movers will surely be beneficial. Apart from the experience of professional movers, you will also benefit from the proper tools and equipment they will be using during the actual moving.

You need to understand that your choice of professional movers will determine the quality of service you will receive. Hence, you should know the basic and trusted methods when hiring movers for your home moving needs.

If you want to be properly guided, we have outlined some of the significant consideration and information you should take into account before searching and hiring a moving company.

Understand Your Need

Before you start searching for a good mover in your area, you should first identify the type of move you will be making, whether it’s an intrastate or interstate move.

Now you may ask what is an interstate or intrastate move?

An interstate move is a type of moving that will take you and your belongings across another state or across a country border. On the other hand, intrastate is when you move within the same state.

Do Your Research

After determining the type of move you will be doing, you are now ready to make some research about the potential movers that will fit your need. You may narrow down your options by searching through the internet about the best or top moving companies within your area, such as Good Movers.

Aside from the internet, you may also widen your search by asking some referrals from friends or your relatives who have tried moving. In searching for a home moving partner, you should not miss checking the feedbacks online or the testimonies of your close associates, and consider them during decision making.

Narrow Down Your Options

After sifting through the companies available in your area, you should at least narrow down your options. You may ask what the ideal number would be?

It would really depend on the outcome of your research, your need, and the recommendations of your friends. However, the typical and safest number of options to keep would involve at least three moving companies.

Get an Estimate

After you have narrowed down your option, ideally into 3 selections, you may now ask for an estimate. The estimate that moving companies will be giving will play an important role in the decision you will make.

Thus, you should be honest during an on-site inspection. This means that you should show to an estimator all the things that will be moved.

Allow the estimator to check your closet, backyard, basement, and even your attic. When you allow the estimator to properly check your storage areas and the things that they will be moving, you will somehow get the most precise estimate from them.

This will avoid any complications during the moving day, such as an additional fee for a previously an unaccounted furniture or home item.

Review Your Options and Their Offerings

Now that you have narrowed down your options, checked through the feedbacks, and understand the individual estimated cost for their service, you will have a clearer picture of what to expect from them and how much your potential expenses would be.

The facts and information you have gathered will be essential in making a reasoned and guided decision. So carefully look into it and try to compare and contrast one company from the other, understanding the pros and cons of each company.

Other Important Things You Should Consider

To serve as an additional point of reference for your decision, you may also check the signs of a potential bad mover according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

  • One of the red flags to watch for when dealing with a mover is when they will give you a good price without even having an on-site inspection of your household goods.
  • When a mover demands an on the spot payment or deposit of a large amount before the actual moving, you should be wary of it.
  • One of the important things to secure, apart from the estimate, is a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” If the mover will not provide such document, then you should avoid such company.
  • Another important thing to watch is the licensing or insurance of the mover along with their local address. Companies who lack such information may likely be a rogue mover. So be very careful about it.

The ones you just have read are some of the helpful tips in finding the best movers for your moving needs. Considering Good Movers as your partner, you will not have to worry about the licensing, insurance, and the safety of your home contents. We’ve got you covered.

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