In-Home Survey

Your mover must be aware of everything that is going to be moved. Simply put, this is the only way you can be sure you’re getting a fair and honest price.

You should be skeptical of any price you receive online, even ours! Prices you may receive from us online are merely educated guesses as to what your move may cost. Even though they are the best tool we have to give you an estimated price without getting an accurate inventory, you should be wary of the results.

There is a lot of margin for error and frankly, they’re just not very reliable (especially for residences bigger than two bedrooms). We have programmed our calculator to give estimates that are usually higher than the actual cost of the move. Our integrity is of utmost importance to us and we’d rather you be happy-surprised when you get the final price than sad-surprised.

You don’t have to worry about us going for a hard sell at your home. We don’t like a pushy salesman or cheap sales tactics and we’re sure you don’t either. We’ll never ask you to sign anything when we’re in your home. In fact, we won’t even give you a price!

We’ll survey your home and take pictures of all the items you have to be moved. We’ll answer any questions you may have regarding your move and explain a bit about our move process. We value your time. The entire process typically takes 15-45 minutes depending upon how much stuff you have.

Once we’re done, we’ll go back to our office and enter the inventory of items you have to be moved into our software. Once we’re finished with that, we’ll send you an email with a binding flat-rate price for your move. This is not an estimate or ballpark figure, it is the exact price you will pay. No extra fees, surcharges, or hidden costs.

There are no upsells or price changes on move day. We include everything you could possibly be charged for in our initial email. The price you receive is the price you pay. It’s that simple.

If you do not have time for an in-home survey or you are not located in Cheyenne, no worries. We can use technology to help us send you a binding flat-rate quote. If your home is listed for sale on one of the real estate websites, we can get most of the inventory from there. Just send us pictures of the stuff you hid from the fancy real estate photos (storage rooms, garage, shed, patio, etc.). If you don’t have photos from a real estate listing, just send us a video or photos of everything you have to be moved via text or email. We’ll use them to put together an inventory and send you a quote via email.

We can find a time that works well for you so that you do not need to take time off from work for your in-home survey. We’ve done as early as 7 AM and as late as 8 PM. Give us a call or send us a text (307-274-8768) now to set up your appointment.