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Packing service

Congrats on finding your new home! You’ve got enough to worry about in the coming weeks, don’t let your movers be one of those things. Let us give you the stress-free move you deserve. Call now to book your free onsite consultation!

The Packing Service You Deserve

Would you like to move without touching a single thing until you get to your new home? We can make that dream a reality! Hiring us to do your packing for you is a great way to ensure your prized possessions arrive at your destination intact…along with your sanity!

We know you hate packing. It’s normal. Everyone dreads it. But we’re kinda weird. We actually love packing. We’re a little OCD about it, to be honest. That’s only because we want to make sure your stuff arrives in the shape it left.  

The key to packing is having the right supplies. High quality, appropriately sized boxes and copious amount of newsprint and paper pads make all the difference in the world. We’ll arrive with our skilled crew, all the materials necessary and work quickly and efficiently, all for a very affordable price!

We can pack up most houses in a single day, so it’s a great option if you need to move soon and do not have time to tackle it. Need just your fragile items packed? We can certainly do that as well. Many customers have us pack up their TVs, pictures, mirrors, and kitchens!  

Call or text us to set up an appointment for an in-home survey. We’ll tell you exactly how much it will cost to pack up your goods.