What Things Will Movers Not Take?

Non-Allowable Items

There are several items that your Good Movers can not transport.  We’ve put together a list below.  There may be some items NOT listed that we can not take.  As a general rule, we can not transport anything dangerous, perishable, or irreplaceable. We can not transport these items for safety, legal, or liability reasons.

Hazardous Materials

There are many items that you may not think are hazardous but actually are. Dozens of Americans lose all their possessions every year when something in their shipment starts a fire. The thing that starts the fire is usually on the list below. These items are either flammable, corrosive, or explosive:








Chemistry Sets

Cleaning Supplies

Darkroom Chemicals


Fire Extinguisher





Lighter Fluid

Loaded Guns


Nail Polish

Nail Polish Remover

Oil (All types of automotive or lamp)

Oxygen Tanks


Paint Thinner



Pool Chemicals

Propane Tanks

Reloading Supplies


Scuba Tanks

Weed Killer

If you are moving long-distance, it is best to get rid of these items beforehand.  For local moves, DO NOT seal these items in a box. Leave the box top open for safe transport.

Lawnmowers, weed eaters, snowblowers, chain saws, and other power tools must empty of fuel and oil before transport.


Perishable items can cause problems during transport.  They may leak, produce odors, attract rodents, or put your movers or possessions at risk.  The list of those items is below:

Food (that may spoil during transport)

Frozen Food

Opened Food Products 



Refrigerated Food

Refrigerators and freezers must be empty, defrosted, and the doors kept open for 24 hours before transport. This will prevent leaks from ruining the rest of your shipment and the growth of mold.

Non perishable open food products may be transported only if they are in tightly sealed, sturdy  containers.  If there is a chance that the item may spill, spoil, or stink we will not take it. As a good rule of thumb, if you would not ship it as is through the mail (USPS, FedEx, etc.), we will not ship it on our trucks. 

Personal or Sentimental Items

Your movers will not take items that are irreplaceable or sentimental to you.  Our insurance WILL NOT cover any of the items on the list below.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure these items are out of the house beforehand. You must disclose any items that have a value of over $100 per pound before loading your shipment.

Address Books

Airline Tickets

Car Keys

Car Titles



Cell Phones

Certificates of Deposits

Check Books

Collections (Coins, Stamps, Sports Cards, Etc.)

Credit or Debit Cards

Financial Documents

Insurance Policies

IRAs/Deeds/Tax Documents



Keys (Furniture, Safe, Home)


Medical Records


Personal Identification

Personal Videos


Professional Files

Research Products

School Records

Stocks or Bonds

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  1. Teresa Wright

    In the Spring of 2021, we had two homes to sell and deconstruct in two different, neighboring states and one to buy. To say the least, it was a busy, hectic, physically demanding and an emotional time for us. A friend said: “I can’t say enough great things” about Good Movers when she used them for a local move but durng inclement weather conditions. Life was complicated so to be safe we also got bids from two major, well known mainstream national movers along with a third bid from Good Movers. Matt Ramey was the only one of the three to come meet us in person, look at our home (and photos of the second home that was selling) and discuss the logistics of going to both homes to load and then move us to our new home which was far away. Women are told to trust their intuition. I did on this one and we now and forevermore will sing the praises of Matt and his team to anyone who will listen. Great guys, smart, thoughtful, helpful and strong!!! Believe me, you will want to use this company. From start to finisn and beyond, they were first class through and though. Thank you Good Movers!!! Teresa

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